65,000 people in Pasco County live below poverty level — just one emergency away from homelessness. And it’s not just a job loss that could push them over the edge. Money is so tight that one day off work to take care of a sick child might mean a single mom can’t pay next month’s utility bill.

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In 2015, we expanded our services in Pasco County with 12 transitional housing units for homeless families with children on our Holiday Campus. Today we have a total of 24 units: 20 family rooms, 2 singles rooms with three singles each for 6 total single women, and 2 apartments that families and singles can transition into after securing employment. Average length of stay is four to six months. Stays can be longer with educational goals supporting an extension.

Miracles for Pasco is a replicable model of our program in Hillsborough County, which has an 87% success rate one year later. Miracles for Pasco will enable the same results in Pasco County.


What We Offer

24-hour resident services staff

Three hot meals daily

Case Management

GED and Adult Education


Financial Wellness 

Housing Assistance

Employment Training

After School Programming   

Program Partners:

Sanctuary Model of Care based on the knowledge that trauma and chronic stress have deep and lasting impact on people and the community.

Furthermore, our programs offer training in life and vocational skills such as budget management, leadership, public speaking and more. These programs help develop well-rounded individuals who are ready for self-sufficiency when they leave our campus.

How you can help

Support our 24 transitional housing units for homeless families and children. 

#BeHope For Pasco

Please help us provide lasting hope and real solutions to the many families and children we serve in Pasco.

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